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Crowns and Bridgework in Newport News, Virginia

Crowns and bridgework are permanent, non-removable restorations that either completely cover an individual tooth or multiple teeth. Typically a crown is made on a heavily restored or root canal treated tooth to prevent it from possible future fracture. If a patient is missing teeth and has teeth on either side of the area where the tooth is missing a bridge can be fabricated to replace the missing tooth or teeth.
The teeth to be restored are shaped in the office to receive a crown or bridge. An impression is then made of the preparations and a stone model of the patients mouth is then made from these impressions. The restoration is then created on the model. There are various materials used to make crown and bridgework. These range from gold alloy to ceramics or combinations of the two. Different physical properties of the materials used dictate which is most appropriate for each particular situation.

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