Implant Supported Overdentures

Implant supported overdentures are much like the more conventional complete dentures in that they replace an entire set of lost dentition. They are, however, a much more stable restoration.  Typically a patient receives an overdenture when two or more implants have been placed. An attachment can then be placed on each implant that the overdenture will snap into.  

In some cases, a metal bar can be fabricated to connect all of the implants and increase the stability and chewing efficiency of the overdenture.  It is critical that an evaluation of the patients mouth be done before the implants are placed.  Many times a diagnostic setup of the teeth and guide for the surgeon need to be made.  This is because the placement of the implants needs to be dictated by where the final restoration (i.e. teeth) should be.


A denture setup is made to the correct extensions of the denture base and tooth arrangement (right).  From this setup a surgical guide can be made to show where the implants need to be placed.  After the implants have been placed, a matrix of the set up is then made so the bar can be created within the confines of the denture (below). Thus, the completed bar does not interfere with the placement of  the teeth in the final overdenture.